Which atlas includes superior colliculus in afni?

Hi afni experts,
I need a group mask of superior colliculus in TT_N27 space. Do you know which atlas includes superior colliculus in afni?

I did a quick search for “olliculus” through a copy of the downloaded AFNI binaries, thinking this would find that string either in a distributed atlas’ HEAD file or in one of their *niml files-- it came up with no results. (I also tried this with a more common term, “ippocampus” for the Hippocampus-- this did return several things.)

So, that is a long answer to the effect of, “I don’t think it exists in any of the atlas files we distribute.”

Note that you can use any valid atlas (and maybe even some invalid ones) with AFNI-- you can just copy it to your ~/abin/ directory (if using a standard install), or make another directory of atlases and specify it in your ~/.afnirc file.