Where are the p values stored and how to output the p values of given voxels?

Hi ,
The values of Coef, Tstat, Fstat and R^2 of each condition can be outputted by 3dDeconvolve after regression analysis. P values of these statistics can also be displayed at the bottom of the AFNI GUI when the bricks of Tstat, Fstat or R^2 are chosen as the Thr (threshold). But I really want to know where the p values are stored in the datasets now that the p values are not stored as an independent brick. And how to output p values of given voxels to a text file?

Thank you!

Per-voxel p-values are computed from the statistical values stored in a dataset (for example, the t-statistics).

If you want to convert a dataset statistical volume to p-values, the program 3dPval can do this for you.