where are the missing bootcamp videos?

I am new learner of afni from China and I had setuped the afni and suma, but I just find out that some of those Bootcamp video are missing, such as “AFNI Introduction (Cox)'s video” and “Group Analysis in FMRI (Chen)'s video”. I am wondering that where can I whatch them.
I am very thankful for whom can help me!


Well, I was hungry one day at work, accidently mistook them for cookies, and ate them.

The worst part was that they didn’t even taste that good (probably all the statistics in them).


Well, OK, possibly a more useful answer:

We are still in progress with putting subtitles on some of the videos, which is why some are missing.

There are also some Bootcamp recordings hosted on the MIT website from a recent Bootcamp there, mainly from the first 2 days of the Bootcamp, which contains some of the intro statistics. You can find the link to those here:


Thanks you for answering my questions! I think I should roughly scan all of educational resources first. Last but not least, I do very enjoy all the things you provide. Thanks you very much!