Weird 3dLME error

Dear Colleagues,

Hi. I executed identical 3dLME code twice. Once with:

AFNI/current-openmp last updated 2022-05-28
AFNI version=AFNI_22.1.10 (May 20 2022) [64-bit]

and again with:

AFNI/current-openmp last updated 2022-12-26
AFNI version=AFNI_22.3.07 (Dec 2 2022) [64-bit]

No problems with the first execution. With the second execution, I received this error:

Error in if ([[n]])) fm ← NULL :
the condition has length > 1
Execution halted

Please see below for an excerpt of the code.



for (( i=0 ; i<${#prepro[@]} ; ++i )) ; do
-prefix output.LME.ranslp_β€œ${prepro[i]}”
-jobs 8
-model β€˜cond*AAT’
-qVars AAT
-ranEff β€˜~1+AAT’
-SS_type 3
-num_glt 1
-gltLabel 1 β€˜AATeff’
-gltCode 1 'AAT : ’
Subj cond AAT InputFile
s00003 aro1 70 /data/AMRI/picchioni/20211103_pilot_lmm_03.07_add_prepro_etc/unix_files/subanalysis_3dlme_02/20160713_2255_β€œ${prepro[i]}β€œpcc_coef_abs.nii
s00003 aro2 25 /data/AMRI/picchioni/20211103_pilot_lmm_03.07_add_prepro_etc/unix_files/subanalysis_3dlme_02/20160713_2326
s00003 aro3 35 /data/AMRI/picchioni/20211103_pilot_lmm_03.07_add_prepro_etc/unix_files/subanalysis_3dlme_02/20160714_0004
s00003 aro4 40 /data/AMRI/picchioni/20211103_pilot_lmm_03.07_add_prepro_etc/unix_files/subanalysis_3dlme_02/20160714_0040
s00003 aro5 70 /data/AMRI/picchioni/20211103_pilot_lmm_03.07_add_prepro_etc/unix_files/subanalysis_3dlme_02/20160714_0220
s00006 aro1 5 /data/AMRI/picchioni/20211103_pilot_lmm_03.07_add_prepro_etc/unix_files/subanalysis_3dlme_02/20160901_2245
s00006 aro2 0 /data/AMRI/picchioni/20211103_pilot_lmm_03.07_add_prepro_etc/unix_files/subanalysis_3dlme_02/20160901_2300
s00105 aro4 35 /data/AMRI/picchioni/20211103_pilot_lmm_03.07_add_prepro_etc/unix_files/subanalysis_3dlme_02/20170413_0406
s00105 aro5 0 /data/AMRI/picchioni/20211103_pilot_lmm_03.07_add_prepro_etc/unix_files/subanalysis_3dlme_02/20170413_0535

Dante, what is the R version on both computers?

R --version

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Hi! How are you?! This exchange reminded me to add a citation to your 2013 LME article to the manuscript. It was in my conference presentation, but I was just working on the relevant paragraph in the manuscript!

Hmm. The version for the successful execution was:
[+] Loading R 4.1.3

The version for the failed execution was:
[+] Loading R 4.2.2

Hmm. Should I try using the older version?