Warping to Custom Template

I have two questions

When using a custom template you can simply specify the custom template as the base in auto_warp.py? Am I missing something regarding custom templates?

Also, I have been analyzing a single subject in the subject’s native space and now I want to warp this subject to the template space. Is it unproblematic to warp the stats file to the template space? Right now I am thinking that is not a good idea.

Thanks for your time

Yes, when using a custom template you can just supply that as the base to auto_warp.py (or other AFNI programs). Do check to make sure that you’ve specified a SPACE and the correct VIEW (tlrc) on your custom template first so those carry over.

There’s some concerns with warping stats files, since interpolating statistics could be problematic. The current AFNI recommendation is to wrap during the processing, before stats are created. That said, plenty of other packages do exactly this.

Thanks a lot for your input.

I think that there might be a hole in my knowledge about view vs. space.

The output below is from @auto_tlrc which was first applied to the structural and then I input the stats file into @auto_tlrc with the output of the previous step (transformed structural) being specified under option -apar.

*+ WARNING: Changing the space of an ORIG view dataset may cause confusion!
*+ WARNING: NIFTI copies will be interpreted as TLRC view (not TLRC space).
*+ WARNING: Consider changing the view of the dataset to TLRC view also
++ 3drefit processed 1 datasets
Changing view of xformed volumes

Based on this terminal output it seems that my view was marked as TLRC but not the space. If I am correct the space determines the coordinates (xyz) and if it is set to an atlas the coordinates you get from AFNI correspond with those from the atlas specified under space. What does the view really mean (I know it is marked in the header)?