Warning:Forced switch from 'Original View' to 'Talairach View'

My analysis script was generated by uber_subject.py. And the EPI dataset had been already aligned to TT_N27+tlrc before did 3dDeconvolve in this script. But every time I open the dataset ‘stats.sub01+tlrc’ as an overlay using GUI . An warning message pop up: “Forced switch from ‘Original View’ to ‘Talairach View’ Click in Text to pop down.”
Does this message mean the dataset ‘stats.sub01+tlrc’ was not in tlrc space and the operation of aligning didn’t work ? How to avoid this error?

Hi Jogi,

That is not an error, but a warning. It says that
you are changing from original view to a
standard space view. So certainly stats+tlrc
is seen as being in standard space.

The point is that before setting your overlay to
stats+tlrc, you were looking at +orig view data.

  • rick