Visualize output from 3dClustSim in MRIcroGL

Hi All,

I am new to afni.
I just run my analysis (group level) for a couple of contrasts of interest using ++3dttest and -3dClustSim.
What I get in the analysis output folder is the list of files which includes the .gz file. To make a nice image of my results, I upload this file into MRIcroGL but eventually this program only read p values from t or F stat (no ‘other’ or ‘z’ stat, as the ones I get from my analysis…).

Could someone maybe help me to create images that I can read in MRIcroGL?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Silvia,

It would be very fast to rerun the same 3dttest++ command without -ClustSim. In that case, the output would include the t-stat instead of the z-score.
And it would probably run in just a few seconds. So give it a new -prefix option and remove -ClustSim.

You might also want to use 3dbucket (for example) to extract the t-stat into a separate NIFTI dataset.

  • rick

Thanks a lot, Rick!