Viewing 3dNetCorr t-test results in SUMA


I have a question about viewing niml.dsets in SUMA. We ran
3dNetCorr on a set of subjects and can view the matrix and connections for
individual subjects using the “suma –gdset [subj].niml.dset” command
with normal output. We then ran 3dttest++ for two groups using the 3dNetCorr
niml.dset outputs. However, attempting the same SUMA command to view the
results gives an error:

suma -gdset T1T0_Emo032217_toz.niml.dset
– Error SUMA_LoadDsetOntoSO_eng (SUMA_Color.c:10277):
Cannot load dset without parent SO, purging.
– Error SUMA_LoadSpec_eng (SUMA_Load_Surface_Object.c:4323):
Failed to load T1T0_Emo032217_toz.niml.dset
– Error SUMA_SetupSVforDOs (SUMA_SVmanip.c:5643):
Nothing to see (check ttv for necessary types)
Error SUMA_Engine: Failed in SUMA_SetupSVforDOs function.

A SurfDsetInfo command shows that the dset isGraph = 0, so I tried using
ConvertDset to make it a graph, but that doesn’t seem to be working. I’m running version
AFNI_17.0.01 on Mac OS X 10 (El Capitan), so things are pretty up to date…
Any tips on running this kind of analysis with 3dNetCorr data and viewing the

Thanks for your help!