UW bootcamp - July 2018 - 'big' AFNI fonts

Here is the alias I am using (from now forward) for displaying bigger fonts in AFNI:

alias abig afni

An even bigger option would replace the ‘25’ above with ‘34’ and the ‘20’ with ‘25’. This works on my Mac OS X computer, don’t know if it will work on Linux.

Just to confirm - that does work on my Fedora linux system. I use a similar alias there using lucidatypewriter fonts.

alias bigafni
afni -XXXfontA ‘-b&h-lucidatypewriter-medium-r-normal-sans-26-190-100-100-m-159-iso8859-1’ -XXXfontB ‘-b&h-lucidatypewriter-bold-r-normal-sans-24-240-75-75-m-140-iso8859-1’ -XXXfontC ‘-b&h-lucidatypewriter-bold-r-normal-sans-24-240-75-75-m-140-iso8859-1’ -XXXfontD ‘-b&h-lucidatypewriter-bold-r-normal-sans-24-240-75-75-m-140-iso8859-1’

Note to remove any extra spaces after the '' at the end of line. To restore the default font settings, use

afni -XXX defaults