using warnings() to view R errors within 3dMEMA

Hi all,

I’m using 3dMEMA for between-group analyses. At the end of the 3dMEMA output, I receive the following error:

There were 50 or more warnings (use warnings() to see the first 50)

Is there a way to view all warnings from an AFNI program which calls on R packages? I believe that message is typically an R warning, but I’m not sure how to use “warnings()” to see all error messages, as that isn’t a 3dMEMA option. I have tried adding a verbose option as well but that does not seem to provide anything other than individual filenames for the beta weights I am using as input. File_tool -test does not appear to reveal anything either.

Funnily enough, whatever errors there are disappear when I add a -jobs 4 option within the script to put more processing power behind the analysis. Has anyone encountered something similar? I’m curious either way to see what the 50+ warnings could be in order to determine why they would not show up if the jobs options was used.

Thanks all!


Walker, it’s hard to decode those warnings unless performing the analysis in an interactive mode. I would not worry much unless the result looks suspicious.