use MNI_VmPFC_atlas in TT_N27 space (:P)

Hi AFNI experts,

I have processed my data in TT_N27 space. Recently, I want to get a vmPFC ROI for my data and found the MNI_VmPFC_atlas in AFNI.

However, it is in the MNI space, so how can I use the atlas in TT_N27 Space?

Thank you for your time.


You could do something like this:

adwarp -apar ~/abin/TT_N27+tlrc -prefix TT_VmPFC -dpar MNI_VmPFC+tlrc. -resam NN
3drefit -copytables MNI_VmPFC+tlrc. TT_VmPFC+tlrc.
3drefit -cmap INT_CMAP TT_VmPFC+tlrc.

This applies the same 12-piece transformation that moved the N27 dataset from MNI space to Talairach space to the VmPFC atlas. The command uses nearest interpolation to preserve the data values. The two 3drefit commands make this atlas work similarly to other atlases in AFNI.

Thank you Daniel, it’s very helpful.