Upcoming bootcamps

Hello all!

Are there any upcoming AFNI bootcamps this summer or next spring coming up?

Thanks for the interest and question!

We would very much like to start back on the usual Bootcamp schedule in the near future, teaching on NIH campus (in Bethesda, MD, USA) in autumn and spring, with other Bootcamps occurring around as invitations arise. We are still waiting to hear about some facilities on campus opening up around the building where we teach---basically, a cafeteria near the lecture building needs to be open to attendees don't start starving and turn on the poor Bootcamp lecturers in ravenous hunger.

When we do start up again, the best way to receive a registration message is to sign up for the AFNI Digest announcements:

In the meantime, we do have several lectures online on the AFNI Academy channel. But we strongly value teaching in person, to be able to have questions and discussions in vivo, so we aim to do these as soon as we can.


Awesome thank you so much! I would try my best to avoid turning on the lecturer in hunger by bringing a sandwich :)

In the mean time, I did sign up for the Nipraxis course as well.

Looking forward to it all,

Current MD-PhD student across the street.

The lecturers appreciate the considerations for their health and well-being!