unknown errors with 3dMVM

Hi AFNI experts,

I am trying to run a 3dMVM for the following model:

Group * Age * Emotion (3 within sub conditions) controlling for motion and sex.

I am getting the error:

"Reading input files: Done!

If the program hangs here for more than, for example, half an hour,
kill the process because the model specification or the GLT coding
is likely inappropriate.

Possible reasons:

0) Make sure that R packages afex and phia have been installed. See the 3dMVM
help documentation for more details.

1) Inappropriate model specification with options -bsVars, -wsVars, or -qVars.
Note that within-subject or repeated-measures variables have to be declared
with -wsVars.

2) Incorrect specifications in general linear test coding with -gltCode.

3) Mistakes in data table. Check the data structure shown above, and verify
whether there are any inconsistencies.

4) Inconsistent variable names which are case sensitive. For example, factor
named Group in model specification and then listed as group in the table hader
would cause grief for 3dMVM.

5) Not enough number of subjects. This may happen when there are two or more
withi-subject factors. For example, a model with two within-subject factors with
m and n levels respectively requires more than (m-1)*(n-1) subjects to be able to
model the two-way interaction with the multivariate approach.

** Error: 
   Quitting due to model test failure...
There were 50 or more warnings (use warnings() to see the first 50)"

However, I have checked and rechecked everything in those 5 possible reasons it would fail, and I cannot identify any problem! 
Any input would be helpful!  I even got rid of my glhts to see if that was the issue. 

Here is my code:

3dMVM -prefix Matching_GroupxEmotionxAge -jobs 1  \
          -bsVars  "motion+Group*Age*emotion+sex"  \
          -wsVars "emotion"  \
	  -SS_type 3 \
          -qVars "motion,Age" \
          -num_glt 0   \
	  -dataTable @3dMVM_data_table_N73_December_2016.txt \

here are the first few lines of my dataTable:

Subj motion Group Age sex emotion InputFile \
SB001 19 COMP 114 male Angry /danl/SB/SB001/matching/task_June_2015/fsl_SB001/model/lev2_gPPI_oct_2016_proc.gfeat/cope5.feat/stats/cope1.nii.gz \
SB001 19 COMP 114 male Happy /danl/SB/SB001/matching/task_June_2015/fsl_SB001/model/lev2_gPPI_oct_2016_proc.gfeat/cope6.feat/stats/cope1.nii.gz \
SB001 19 COMP 114 male Neutral /danl/SB/SB001/matching/task_June_2015/fsl_SB001/model/lev2_gPPI_oct_2016_proc.gfeat/cope7.feat/stats/cope1.nii.gz \



Since the variable “emotion” is a within-subject factor, it should not be part of the specification for between-subjects variables. Try:

-bsVars “motion+Group*Age+sex” \

Hi Gang,

Thanks. I see that now, I removed emotion from the “bsVars” but I still received the same exact error.

Also, is there a way to specify the within x between interaction in the model, or does it do that automatically?
for example, my main interaction of interest is Group (between ) x Age (between) x Emotion (within).
Is 3dMVM the best program for that, or should I use 3dLME?

Thank you!


is there a way to specify the within x between interaction in the model, or does it do that automatically?

3dMVM automatically models all possible interactions between between- and within-subject variables, and there is no way to turn off such interaction in 3dMVM. So if you don’t want to model some interaction, 3dLME is more flexible in that regard.

I’m not so sure as to why the model is still failing. Do you mind uploading the input files plus the 3dMVM script and data table so that I could take a close look?

Hi Gang,

How do I attach those files on the message board? It is telling me that the only valid attachments are bmp, gif, jpg, png files… am I missing something here?

Also, if 3dMVM creates an interaction for ALL variables included, then how do I specify a glfCode to do the F-test for Group x Age x Emotion? The 3dMVM help page does not have glfCode examples that include 3 conditions.