unc_infant atlas

Dear Experts,

I’m quite new to AFNI and did some research online, in my directory I do see the file as below and follow the instruction. However, those atlas files are no longer included in the current AFNI distribution. I downloaded the atlas from UNC site, however, I think I’m still lack of the .HEAD files and probability maps, may I know where I can download those? Thanks so much!

Rename this file to be CustomAtlases.niml, put in a specified directory (e.g. UNC_Infant_Atlases)

Set AFNI to use this supplemental atlas directory with this (removing the #) :

@AfniEnv -set AFNI_SUPP_ATLAS_DIR ~/UNC_Infant_Atlases
@AfniEnv -set AFNI_ATLAS_COLORS=infant-1yr-aal
@AfniEnv -set AFNI_TEMPLATE_SPACE_LIST=unc_infant_neo,unc_infant_1yr,unc_infant_2yr


Take a look here:


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the files, however, I still couldn’t load the atlas into the list. Did I miss something or any steps not correct?
I renamed this file to be CustomAtlases.niml, put in a specified directory (e.g. UNC_Infant_Atlases).
I run the following commands as well.
@AfniEnv -set AFNI_SUPP_ATLAS_DIR /user/abin/UNC_Infant_Atlases
@AfniEnv -set AFNI_ATLAS_COLORS infant-1yr-aal
@AfniEnv -set AFNI_TEMPLATE_SPACE_LIST unc_infant_neo,unc_infant_1yr,unc_infant_2yr
whereami -show_atlases still returned the same default atlases, could you please help? Thanks a lot!


I should gave it an absolute directory instead. Thank you!