uber_subject.py vs afni_proc.py


I recently starting using uber_subject.py after using afni_proc.py in the past.

It seems uber_subject.py is more of a starting point to generate a processing script. It doesn’t appear to have as many options available as afni_proc.py. Is that truly the case?

Just curious because the gui is very helpful when trying to organize all of the processing options as opposed to generating it from scratch using afni_proc.py

Is there way to include more options from afni_proc.py and apply them in the uber_subject.py gui?



Hi Michael,

Yes, uber_subject.py is more of an introductory tool
to get started with afni_proc.py, and will almost
certainly never have the flexibility of afni_proc.py.

Using afni_proc.py does not mean generating a script
from scratch though. There are lots of examples,
and uber_subject.py can be used to generate an AP
command that you further modify to suit your needs.

Yes, when uber_subject.py opens the afni_proc.py
command window, one can alter that script. That may
not be a good long term way to go, but it works.

  • rick


Thank you for the clarification.