Uber_proc.py - Ubuntu 20.04 - PyQt4

PyQt4 seems to be no longer downloadable in Ubuntu 20.04 which does not allow uber_proc.py to be used. I’ve been trying to find workarounds to installing PyQt4 or using uber_proc.py, but so far failing. Is there a work-around that I am missing?

Thank you!


It is true that pyqt4 is not around, and therefore uber_subject.py is not around either.

The uber_subject.py program was written to provide a GUI for setting up an afni_proc.py comand. However, we don’t recommend using uber_subject.py at the moment, anyways, because it has fallen behind the capabilities of afni_proc.py. There are so many more options for afni_proc.py than uber_subject.py can account for.

What we do recommend for setting up afni_proc.py commands is using one of the following as a starting point:

… and then perhaps ask on the MB wth your starting point for extra discussion, particularly if you have a special consideration or tricky design? That is probably the most efficient way to go.

Note that Rick recently added in a fun option to afni_proc.py whereby you can compare your current command with a help example (or other “special” named examples, like Bootcamp examples). You would just add something like the following to your afni_proc.py command:

-compare_opts 'example 11b'

… and even if you have “-execute” in it, it won’t run, but instead will give you a nice comparison of all your utilized options with a target reference point.