Two errors in excuting preprocessing script

Hi AFNI experts,
There are two problems about and @ss_review_basic at the end of preprocessing each time I run the standard preprocessing
script which is generated by , no matter whether I use the administrator account or not. The outputs in the terminal window are:

[size=small] -script @epi_review.FT -dsets pb00.FT.r01.tcat+orig.HEAD pb00.FT.r02.tcat+orig.HEAD pb00.FT.r03.tcat+orig.HEAD -exit0
[u]** failed to guess align_anat (continuing)[/u]
++ writing ss review basic:          @ss_review_basic
++ writing ss review driver:         @ss_review_driver
++ writing ss review drive commands: @ss_review_driver_commands
rm -f rm.DP+orig.BRIK rm.DP+orig.HEAD rm.errts.unit+orig.BRIK rm.errts.unit+orig.HEAD rm.mask_r01+orig.BRIK rm.mask_r01+orig.HEAD
rm.mask_r02+orig.BRIK rm.mask_r02+orig.HEAD rm.mask_r03+orig.BRIK rm.mask_r03+orig.HEAD rm.mean_r01+orig.BRIK rm.mean_r01+orig.HEAD
rm.mean_r02+orig.BRIK rm.mean_r02+orig.HEAD rm.mean_r03+orig.BRIK rm.mean_r03+orig.HEAD rm.noise.all+orig.BRIK rm.noise.all+orig.HEAD
rm.signal.all+orig.BRIK rm.signal.all+orig.HEAD
if ( -e @ss_review_basic ) ./@ss_review_basic
tee out.ss_review.FT.txt
[u]./@ss_review_basic: 权限不够(Insufficient permission).[/u][/size]

Do you know what’s wrong and how to excute and @ss_review_basic successfully?
Thank you!

Hi Yu,

The first warning just suggests that you did not
specify aligning the anat and the EPI. I would
have to see the command to have a
better idea.

The insufficient permission error is not clear.
Are you running as root? If so, perhaps that is
not allowed (running scripts that way as root
seems to being blocked these days). It should
actually work as a normal user.

But maybe I will change that to execute with
tcsh anyway, just to avoid such concerns.

  • rick