TT_desai_dd_mpm or TT_desai_dk_mpm

AFNI experts,

I realized few ROIs defined in TT_desai_dd_mpm+tlrc and TT_desai_dk_mpm+tlrc did not include any voxel!
(I got a warning message, *+ WARNING: output sub-brick 0 is all zeros!)
For probablistic versions of these atlases, voxels with non-zero probability seems to overlap among the regions.

I expected all the ROIs defined in the atlas should have at lest one non-zero (1) voxel.
In the list (, few regions correspond to ventricles…
which makes sense. However, in some “normal” regions, there were no voxels for the ROIs.

Do you have any idea on this problem?

Those atlases were made as maximum probability maps. That means if a region doesn’t overlap the most across the group of subjects used to make the atlas, then it doesn’t have any voxels in the maximum probability map. This sometimes happens with smaller, variable regions like some nuclei within white matter. You can examine all the regions that went into the atlas by looking at the probability maps that show the overlap for each region.