Running on a multiecho bold dataset and getting the error below.

AFNI Version: Precompiled binary linux_fedora_21_64: Jun 6 2017 (Version AFNI_17.1.10)

Command: -e 12.4,34.28,56.16 -d Bold_1_TE1.nii,Bold_1_TE2.nii,Bold_1_TE3.nii -a T1w.nii --space=MNI_N27.nii --tpattern @/mnt/NAS5/toolbox/labtools/sliceorder.txt --OVERWRITE;

+* Perform TE-dependence analysis (takes a good while)
– ME-PCA/ME-ICA Component for ME-ICA v2.5 beta10–
++ Loading Data
++ Computing Mask
++ Computing T2* map

  • Writing file: s0v.nii …done.
  • Writing file: t2sv.nii …done.
  • Writing file: t2sF.nii …done.
    ++ Doing ME-PCA and ME-ICA with MDP
    -Computing PCA of optimally combined multi-echo data
    Out shape is (73, 91, 74, 590)
    20.9048822957 104524.411478
    Out shape is (73, 91, 74, 590)
    /home/anderson/abin/meica.libs/ FutureWarning: comparison to None will result in an elementwise object comparison in the future.
    #import ipdb
    Saving PCA
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/home/anderson/abin/meica.libs/”, line 661, in
    nc,dd = tedpca(options.ste)
    File “/home/anderson/abin/meica.libs/”, line 408, in tedpca
    ValueError: the bz2 library has received wrong parameters