Transform .1D.roi to atlas space

I’m trying to transform a bunch of retinotopically-defined ROIs drawn on each participant’s native space surfaces to an atlas surface (eg, std.60).

I used freesurfer recon -all and @SUMA_Make_Spec_FS to create what I think are all the required files. For instance, I have all the native space files and the std.141 and std.60 files. Those volumes and surfaces open and look correct, including eye-balling the matching sulcal/gyral anatomy between the native and atlas surfaces.

I’m confused on how to take the lh/rh.1D.roi files which define the rois drawn in native space and project those to atlas space. I’ve also tried saving as .niml.roi.

I’ve tried using SurfToSurf, @auto_tlrc with various inputs and arguments to no avail. The only thing I got to somewhat work was to use ROI2dataset to change the roi file to a dset, then use SurfToSurf to create a dset in atlas space. But that’s a dset. I was hoping to just transform my surface based rois. And I’m really trying to avoid going from surface space back to volume space for any of this.

Am I missing something? Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks!


Just replying to this to see if anyone has any suggestions? Would be much appreciated!