To3d Error

Dear AFNI experts,

I had a below error while running to3d.

[hlhp-105:Practice_Scan/RF/4-T1w_MPR_R0.8C] titus% to3d -anat -assume_dicom_mosaic -oblique_origin -prefix prefix image*.dcm

++ to3d: AFNI version=AFNI_19.1.09 (May 17 2019) [64-bit]
++ Authored by: RW Cox
++ It is best to use to3d via the Dimon program.
++ WARNING: file /Users/titus/.afni.log is now 570375242 (570 million) bytes long!
++ Counting images: total=208 2D slices
++ Data detected to be oblique
++ Each 2D slice is 300 X 320 pixels
++ Voxel dimensions: 0.8000 X 0.8000 X 0.8000 mm
++ Image data type = short
++ Reading images: …
*** ERROR: failed (13) to open file ./mprage_RF+orig.HEAD for attribute writing;
- Do you have permission to write to this disk?
- Is the disk full?
*** Datablock write error: failure to write attributes - is disk full? do you have write permission?
** FATAL ERROR: *******************

Some error occurred while trying to write file
** Program compile date = May 17 2019

Sorry, it was simply because of file permission. Just in case you have this error, check the folder permission (it should be both write and read).

Cool, thanks for the update!

  • rick