Through Thick or Thin

We now have a suite of scripts to compute thickness for a mask three ways. Each method works very differently from each other, but all compute thickness in the volume with an option to map to a surface. The methods take seconds or minutes to run in most cases. We have tried these with synthetic models and brains from humans, macaque and marmoset. See our OHBM abstract for some more description. The new scripts are called @measure_bb_thick, @measure_erosion_thick, @measure_in2out and @thickness_master.

To go along with that, we have a naming contest for the suite with these choices or suggest your own. Send your suggestions to glend @

Through thick or thin suite
In thickness or in health
Thick of it all
ATM (AFNI Thickness Measurements)
Thickly Thweet

This software is still in alpha/beta release, and, as usual, you are all guinea pigs, I mean, software testers for life. Please provide comments and suggestions.