The output of CHARM_in_data.nii.gz is converted into a separate 3Dnii file.

I generated the CHARM_in_data.nii.gz tag file after using the @animal_warper program. Obviously it is a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6/6 file. I want to extract it into 6 separate 3Dnii file format, but it seems that it is not a traditional 4Dnii file. Its coordinates are in the form of x, y, z, not x, y, z, t. I have used some methods but they have failed. I think Is there any way to extract it into 6 separate 3Dnii files? Thank you very much.

The CHARM atlas is already available as separate files. Check the NMT_v2.1_sym/supplemental_CHARM or similar directory in the downloaded or installed NMT directory. NIFTI uses a different dimension for 4D files that are not temporal dataset, so the 5th dimension is used instead.

You can use 3dTsplit4D to split up datasets. Alternatively, you can extract these by subbrick volume yourself with a command like this:

3dcalc -a CHARM_in_NMT_v2.1_sym.nii.gz'[0]' -expr a -prefix charm0.nii.gz

where the '[0]' says to use the first subbrick volume.