TENT models and 3dREMLfit

AFNI folks,

I have been playing with TENT models recently, and enjoying the iresp outputs produced by 3dDeconvolve. Of course, if I run 3dREMLfit using that design matrix I get statistics, but no iresp*REML timecourses. This isn’t surprising, given the friendly help text from 3dREMLfit:

To Dream the Impossible Dream, to Write the Uncodeable Code
* Add options for -iresp/-sresp for -stim_times.

My question is - can I produce my own iresp* curves from the beta estimates in the 3dREMLfit statistics bucket? Is there a problem with that approach - other than the necesssity of manual intervention?

As I scrolled down the AFNI message board, I found the following which already answers my question:
For those who find this thread instead, Gang has provided the answer, and it appears you can go ahead and grab it yourself from the statistics bucket:

However, it does not matter: those betas (and their t-statistics) are directly available in the 3dREMLfit ouput 
and they are just buried together with other information in the overall output. 
So, you can still access to them.