SurfaceROI transfer to 1D format with all nodes list

Hi experts,

I would like to transfer a .roi file from a surface to a .1D file with all node numbers in the list. I used ROI2DARASET function but only got the nodes numbers included in the ROI. Is there any way to realise this?

thanks for help.



Let’s say you have an ROI that you converted to a dset, such as following this example in the Bootcamp:
… by running the following:

ROI2dataset -prefix tuna.lh.niml.dset -input tuna.lh.niml.roi

Indeed, the tuna.lh.niml.dset dset does just contain the list of nodes in the ROI region. NB: if you wanted the above output as a *1D.dset, you could run the following with the “-of …” option to specify “output format”:

ROI2dataset -prefix tuna.lh -of 1D -input tuna.lh.niml.roi

You can use ConvertDset to make a “full” dset. You basically have to provide the max index that you want your dset to have, either as a number, an ld* value (related to MapIcosahedron), or by providing an example dset with appropriate size of mesh (probably what I would personally prefer):

ConvertDset -input tuna.lh.niml.dset -prefix full_tuna.lh -o_1D -pad_to_node d:std.141.lh.sulc.niml.dset 

# have 2 columns of data: one is value at each node, 2nd is list of node indices:
ConvertDset -input tuna.lh.niml.dset -prefix full_tuna.lh -o_niml_asc -pad_to_node d:std.141.lh.sulc.niml.dset -add_node_index

Does that do what you want?


Hi, again-

And actual, Daniel Glen pointed out that the above can be done more efficiently, but using the “-pad_to_node …” option within ROI2dataset directly:

ROI2dataset -prefix full_tuna.lh -of 1D -input tuna.lh.niml.roi -pad_to_node d:std.141.lh.sulc.niml.dset

… so you can try that.