suma visualization

Dear AFNI experts,

I want to visualize my results using suma, but I found a difference between the suma results and the actual results(as attached).

Curiously, suma showed some brain regions that the actual results did not, like some yellow areas in the red circle.

I don’t know why this happens, could you give me some suggestions?



Hi, Dan-

I’d like to be sure about what we are looking at. Are the SUMA results in the red circle shown by projecting those very same volumetric results onto the surface? (I am guess that the answer is no, because of the coloration.)

Or did you do two parallel analyses, and the outcomes appear different? (If “yes”, what were those analyses?)

Also, are you thresholding/clusterizing either of those images? (It looks like both are thresholded.) Are the values the same for that?


Hi, pt-

Thanks for your reply, I have solved it.

I guess that I run two parallel analyses.

Suma worked out and it can talk to AFNI.

Thanks a lot!


Hi, Dan-

Cool, glad things are working fine.