SUMA Viewer


I was trying to get cardinals view of the inflated brain for a figure by follwoing these instructions from the manual:

Cardinal views (along coordinate directions)

Ctrl+Left/Right: Views along LR axis

Ctrl+Up/Down: Views along SI axis

Ctrl+shift+Up/Down: Views along AP axis

But, none of these are working for me. Is there a place where I should define these shortcuts.
I am working on Unix machine remotely from a mac. When I use the above shortcuts to get the cardinal views, nothing happens in SUMA viewer.



Are any of those key combinations keyboard shortcuts on your Mac? My suspicion is that they might be.

Also, please make sure that you don’t have the “numlock” on on the keyboard-- it causes weird things to happen.


Yeah, using any of those three shortcuts for views do something on mac rather than on UNIX running SUMA.

Is there a way to get to orthogonal views other than keyboard shortcuts?


Hi, Amar-

Mac’s fault! Blame Steve Jobs!

I think from the SUMA point of view, those key combos are hardwired. The Mac settings are malleable, however (OK, so at least some less blame for Steve Jobs in this case): Preferences → Keyboard shortcuts → etc. You could at least temporarily turn them off. Hope that’s a workable solution for this.


Thanks a lot,

That works.