SUMA to freesurfer

Dear all,

We are currently searching for a solution to transform SUMA surface labels (defined in MNI152, provided to us as .dset) to Freesurfer, and hope that someone can help.

I am aware that it is a bit odd to ask in a SUMA forum for a way to move away from SUMA, but the simple reason is that we are using a third toolbox for MEG source reconstruction that does not yet support SUMA, unfortunately.

We have been trying a volume-based solution for the past few days, but the results are quite terrible, so our (last) hope is that we can somehow find a way to match SUMA vertices to Freesurfer vertices (this information should be present in SUMA, but the question is where and how we can extract it).

Would this make sense, or are there other solutions that come to mind? Eventually, we would like to find a way to use a .dset to create a freesurfer .annot or .label file/s.

Thanks a lot in advance. Looking forward to your suggestions.