SUMA equivalent of @chauffeur_afni


I am using @chauffeur_afni + imcat for quality control on my volumes. Is there an equivalent for QC in SUMA? I couldn’t find anything. Basically I would like to have the same but with surfaces instead of volumes (surfaces with mapped data on it for >200 subjects).
There seem to be some QA tools in FreeSurfer but I would prefer to stay within SUMA. I know with some scripting and time I can probably build something with DriveSuma but before I start I wanted to see if something like that already exists.



Unfortunately, there isn’t. @chauffeur_afni (and @snapshot_volreg, and some other AFNI-driving programs) open AFNI in a virtual environment using xvfb, so that AFNI doesn’t have to be opened in a graphical interface; that means they can be run remotely and headlessly. The same is not possible with SUMA, alas.

We have bits&bobs of QC imaging things in SUMA, but there isn’t a single tool that’s as comprehensive for SUMA as @chauffeur_afni is for AFNI. If you have any questions on driving scripts, please ask them here, and I’m happy to chip in. I’ve been meaning to make more of these for a while, but haven’t.

Here is a starting example that might be useful:


Thanks! Wow, that was fast :slight_smile:
I will check out the example.