Strange results with 3dLFCD

AFNI version info (afni -ver):


I am using 3dLFCD to compute local functional connectivity density. The results I am getting are not what is expected with the newest AFNI version (24.1.17) and are significantly different from older versions of AFNI (i.e. version 21). I have verified the older version is correct using InstaCorr and clustering. The values I am getting are lower than expected and seem to be heightened on one side of the brain.

Also, the option -faces_edges_corners gives an error, but -faces_edges_neighborhood works.

Here is an example of of a command:
3dLFCD -faces_edges_neighborhood -mask mask.nii.gz -prefix lFCD_t0.6.nii.gz -thresh 0.6 LFF.nii.gz