Stanford Postdoc opening: Simultaneous Spinal Cord/Brain fMRI

The Systems Neuroscience and Pain Laboratory at Stanford University is currently accepting applications for a postdoctoral fellow for neuroimaging research in chronic pain. Funded by NIH (co-PIs Sean Mackey, Gary Glover), this project’s overall goal is to characterize pain mechanisms in humans and to develop objective biomarkers of chronic pain. We will be specifically characterizing central sensitization and descending modulation utilizing novel simultaneous neuroimaging technology for spinal cord, brainstem, and brain.

The successful candidate will have unique opportunity to engage in simultaneous spinal cord/brain fMRI and to advance spinal cord fMRI acquisition/analysis and biomarker development. Research plans include:

  1. Study of functional connectivity between spinal cord and brain
  2. Characterization of corticospinal pain signature
  3. Physiological noise modeling in spinal cord
  4. Refinement of multiecho spinal cord acquisition and analysis pipeline.

Applicants should hold a PhD and experience conducting fMRI studies and analysis. Previous experience in spinal cord imaging research is an advantage.

The postdoctoral fellow will be responsible for designing experiments, conducting ongoing imaging, analyzing neuroimaging data, planning future studies, searching literature, and writing for publication. The fellow will have opportunity to work within a large group of interdisciplinary Stanford researchers involved with multiple studies ongoing of chronic pain. Additionally, we have a long track record of successfully helping postdoctoral fellows transition to independent grant funding and faculty positions. The Pain Division also has an NIH T32 training program. More information can be found at

To apply, submit your (1) CV, (2) NIH Biosketch, and (3) Letter or Research Intent to Dr. Christine Law at

Example and Template of biosketch is available here: biosketch formats[/url]. Post-doc applications use non-fellowship template and instructions. Download Letter of Intent template from this [url=]link.