specifying surface rotation suma

Is there away to punch in the exact values to rotate a surface along various axes in SUMA?

Do you mean, as you visualize a data set in SUMA and hit the arrow key, how much the brain rotates?

Firstly, you should have a file of SUMA environment variables file called "~/.sumarc’. If you don’t, then type:
$ suma -update_env

to create one of defaults. Then, you can edit the variable ‘SUMA_ArrowRotAngle’, which will likely be at the top of the list (pasted here, with commented description:

// 000-SUMA_ArrowRotAngle:
//     Incremental arrow rotation angle in degrees
//     default:   SUMA_ArrowRotAngle = 5
   SUMA_ArrowRotAngle = 5

Is that what you are looking for?


Thanks Paul, I was mainly interested to know if there is a place where I can enter exact values of rotation along axes instead of hitting keys multiple times to get to the view I like.

If you mean rotate the surface definitions rather than just the view, ideally, it would be done completely within ConvertSurface, but you can do it without too much trouble by rotating a corresponding volume with 3drotate. 3drotate will compute the affine transformation and puts that transformation into the header of the output dataset. Extract that matrix with cat_matvec to use with ConvertSurface -xmat_1D.