SLOMOCO issue report in AFNI Message Board

Dear all

I found a few posts in AFNI Message Board are related to SLOMOCO. First, PESTICA/SLOMOCO are open source software package, initially developed by Erik Beall (CCF), currently managed by me, and distributed in nitrc site ( Probably, the reason why SLOMOCO issue is posted here could be that PESTICA/SLOMOCO employs AFNI commands and development environment. When SLOMOCO does not work, it shows AFNI related to error message. It is not a bug of AFNI, but of PESTICA/SLOMOCO. Please post PESTICA/SLOMOCO issue in nitrc site.

I believe that Erik named the software package as “PESTICA_AFNI_versionxxx” to give many credits to AFNI developers. In the updating process, I have modified the software to compatible to AFNI pipeline environment for AFNI users, including me. For example, the estimated physiologic regressors are provided as 1D file from the recent update, and matlab mat file, which has the similar output structure of AFNI RETROTS.m file.

PESTICA/SLOMOCO is kind of the script to employ majority of AFNI commands. I would like to say, thank AFNI developers for the kind and prompt endless ongoing support in this post.