single interpolation and non-linear alignment in

Hi AFNI gurus,

I would like to use -volreg_tlrc_warp in so that the EPI data is only interpolated once. However, I noticed in the notes that “this is only possible when using @auto_tlrc.” I would also like to use -tlrc_NL_warp to use non-linear for template alignment, but this option uses instead of @auto_tlrc.

Does this mean that the single interpolation through -volreg_tlrc_warp and -tlrc_NL_warp options are incompatible? Is there a way to institute both?

Thanks for your time.

Hi Lauren,

With, the transformations are indeed concatenated
into a single one. It is just the old 12-piece manual transformation
that does not get concatenated. That comment predates non-linear
registration, and I will update it.


  • rick

Thanks for clarifying, Rick!