Simple question involving 1deval, keep getting -0

When attempting to using 1deval to multiply my neuronal activity file by a timing series(for the stimulus) file, I keep getting -0 as the result. There must be a simple command i’m doing incorrectly. I’ve attempted to use my combination of 0’s and 1’s in one large row, and also one large column, no matter how I create my timing file, I always get one -0 value as the result.

example code: 1deval -a “Neuronal activity file”.1D -b “time series”.1D -expr 'a*b" > Result.1D

why am I always getting -0 as the result?

Avoid using blank spaces in file names. Also the final double quote in the expression doesn’t match the single quote before it. You can remove blanks from filenames with

@DeblankFilenames -move Neuronal*.1D time*.1D

The input files for 1deval should each be a single column of numbers. You can transpose them on the command line by adding a ' or transpose the 1D files with 1dtranspose.

My file names are devoid of spaces, I just used the general term “neuronal activity file” to denote the actual .1D file. Also my mistake in typing out the command on this post, but I did use ‘ab’ for the code. 1deval -a LASeed_Neur.1D -b TimingfileColumn.1D -expr 'ab’ > Inter_neur.1D is the code. The TimingfileColumn also is one column with 0’s 1’s and -1’s. Still getting one -0 value as the result in the Inter_neur.1D file.

Figured it out, my LASeed file was in fact not a single column, but now it is. thank you.