SIMPLE problem but soo annoying. OLAY window won't let me see all the options. How do I resize the OLAY window?

AFNI version info (afni -ver):
Hi all,

I am in AFNI and can't see all the options in the OLAY. I have included alot of potential variables in my model and there is a automatic output from 3dMVM that I don't need. How do I get the right portion of the OLAY box to come up on my screen. This is my entire screen and I need to see #90. Please help! See attached image.

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Right click on the name of the menu (here, "Olay"), and you will get a scrollable set of options to select from, rather than the full-on list spread out like that.


Thanks for saving me hours of googling. that worked.



And for future generations to benefit, I have added this point to the AFNI GUI guide notes here:


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