Running GLTSym on new conditions without rerunning all or proc_py

HI there,

Is it possible to run a new gltsym using already preprocessed data but with new conditions and stimulus timing files?[/b] I actually want to add several conditions to my model, not just update the original stimulus time files.

I know you can use ‘-write_3dD_script and-write_3dD_prefix’ if you just want to define new glms. But what if you want to remodel the functional data using new stimulus timing files as well, without having to redo the standard preprocessing steps again (motion, slice-time correction, etc).

Thank you in advance!

Hi Jessie,

You can do this, but it requires being prepared for it ahead of time (since 3dDeconvolve will have to save an extra complete output for it).

Using 3dDeconvolve -xsave, it will save a “.xsave” file with various matrices and regressors. Then it is possible to run 3dDeconvolve again using -xrestore and passing that file in. You can then carry out new -glt tests.

But note that this only helps when you plan to do it, since it requires adding -xsave to the command.

  • rick