Running ANOVA

Hello AFNI experts,

I am encountering challenges while attempting to run a one-way ANOVA. My goal is to examine the variations in brain maps across six different emotions.

I have collected data from each of the 10 participants, involving six runs. Each run was collected by presenting six emotional videos.

I would like to seek guidance using the example.

  1. Specifically, for the -dset, should I use the last processed block from all runs for all subjects? Or is there a need for organizing data to have only one specific factor?
  2. If I want to show the contrast between baseline and each emotion, do I need to average dsets for baseline, right?

Alternatively, could you provide any sample script for my specific case? It would be helpful to properly write down the input.

Thank you,


I suggest employing 3dMVM for your analysis. Alternatively, you can use 3dANOVA2 -type 3 . Both of these options should suit your needs effectively.