Running ANOVA_Unrecognized Command Line Option

Dear All,

Thank you for your consideration to my inquiry.

I was trying to run group comparisons using ANOVA based on the following lines of code:

3dANOVA -levels 3 \

-dset 1 address for the variable
-dset 2 address for the variable
-dset 3 address for the variable
-mean 1 group1
-mean 2 group2
-mean 3 group3
-diff 1 2 group1vsgroup2
-diff 2 3 group2vsgroup3
-diff 1 3 group1vsgroup3
-bucket Anova_group1_group2_group3

But I encountered the following error:

** ERROR: Unrecognized command line option: 1
Here’s hoping these excerpts from ‘3dANOVA -help’ enlighten:
‘(1) Faces, (2) Houses, and (3) Donuts’
‘-dset 1 filename : data set for factor level 1’
‘-dset 1 filename data set for factor level 1’

I checked the help for the 3dANOVA command and did not manage to detect the issue.

I would be grateful if I could ask for any recommendations in this regard.


I just wanted to update that I changed from bash to tcsh and it worked fine.