resting state data, seed based analysis

To who it may concern,

I’m using 3dTcorr1D for detecting functional correlation between a seed an the rest of the brain. because I’m working with monkey data I do have few subjects. I was wondering if there is anyway to get the p values linked to the r maps that 3dTcoor1D gave me as results. It would help me to select valid correlation from pure noise. I haven’t find any options to get it.

Hi Simon,

It would not be so appropriate for 3dTcorr1D to output p-values in any case, since ther
e are surly degrees of freedom lost that it does not know about. One degree of freedom
should be subtracted for every regressor that has been projected out, including for ba
ndpassing (2 regressors per frequency). Consider this older post.

  • rick