resting state analysis on the surface

Hi AFNI experts,

I am attempting to merge Examples 8 (surface) and 11 (resting-state) from the help to run rs analyses on the surface, but I am getting an error. The error is here:

** -regress_anaticor: not ready for surface analysis
** script creation failure for block ‘regress’

Something seems to not be merged properly in my command between the two examples. Any idea what is going on here? My command is below.

Thanks in advance,
Kara -subj_id 2000513 \
-blocks despike ricor tshift align volreg surf blur mask regress \
-copy_anat fs/SUMA/2000513_SurfVol \
-anat_follower_ROI aaseg anat fs/SUMA/aparc.a2009s+aseg_rank.nii \
-anat_follower_ROI aeseg epi fs/SUMA/aparc.a2009s+aseg_rank.nii \
-anat_follower_ROI 2000513vente epi 2000513_vent.nii \
-anat_follower_ROI 2000513WMe epi 2000513_WM.nii \
-anat_follower_erode 2000513vente 2000513WMe \
-dsets func_run1+orig.HEAD \
-surf_anat fs/SUMA/2000513_SurfVol+orig.HEAD \
-surf_spec fs/SUMA/std.141.2000513_lh.spec \
-surf_spec fs/SUMA/std.141.2000513_rh.spec \
-ricor_regs 2000513.slibase.1D \
-volreg_align_to MIN_OUTLIER \
-volreg_align_e2a \
-blur_size 6 \
-regress_ROI_PC 2000513vente 3 \
-regress_make_corr_vols aeseg 2000513vente \
-regress_ROI 2000513WMe \
-regress_anaticor_fast \
-regress_anaticor_label 2000513WMe \
-regress_censor_motion 0.2 \
-regress_censor_outliers 0.1 \
-regress_apply_mot_types demean deriv \
-regress_est_blur_errts \
-regress_run_clustsim no

Hi Kara,

You are not having any trouble merging the commands
that I have seen. The -regress_anaticor option has
just not yet been handled for the case of surface
analysis, despite lingering on the todo list for

It is not clear when I might be able get to it, but
at least I will bump it up might higher on the list.


  • rick