resize image of voxel timeseries created with aiv


I would like to create a grayscale image with all the voxel time series of a dataset, which I have now created as a large .1D file using 3dmaskdump (> 20000 voxels, 300 time points). At the moment, I am using aiv, but I cannot resize (or strecht) the image so that the horizontal size representing the time axis becomes larger. Is it possible to achieve that with aiv or should I use another program? If so, what’s your recommendation?

Thanks in advance,

How about using to3d to make one large single slice dataset and no time dimension. Then just show the slice. For both afni and aiv, you may want to turn off AFNI_ENFORCE_ASPECT.

Hi Daniel,
I don’t know why but I didn’t receive your reply. I’ve just realised that 1dgrayplot is the function I need.
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