residuals from 3DMVM

Hi all,

I’m trying to get voxelwise residual images by regressing beta images (output from SPM) from my baseline condition out of beta images from my condition of interest. I’ve tried using the following script:

3dMVM -prefix Example4 -jobs 1
-vVars ‘Bbaseline’
-vVarsCenter 0
-resid residuals
Subj Bbaseline InputFile
s1 s1/beta_0001.nii s1/beta_0002.nii
s2 s2/beta_0001.nii s2/beta_0002.nii
s3 s3/beta_0001.nii s3/beta_0002.nii
s4 s4/beta_0001.nii s4/beta_0002.nii
s5 s5/beta_0001.nii s5/beta_0002.nii
s6 s6/beta_0001.nii s6/beta_0002.nii
s7 s7/beta_0001.nii s7/beta_0002.nii
s8 s8/beta_0001.nii s8/beta_0002.nii
s9 s9/beta_0001.nii s9/beta_0002.nii
s10 s10/beta_0001.nii s10/beta_0002.nii
s11 s11/beta_0001.nii s11/beta_0002.nii
s12 s12/beta_0001.nii s12/beta_0002.nii
s13 s13/beta_0001.nii s13/beta_0002.nii
s14 s14/beta_0001.nii s14/beta_0002.nii

but keep getting the following error:

Error in out[, , kk, ] ← array(apply(inData[, , kk, ], c(1, 2), runAOV, :
incorrect number of subscripts

I’m not sure what is causing this error, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!