Research Assistant Position at UCSF in California, USA on Multilingualism

The Hoeft Lab ( PI: Fumiko Hoeft MD PhD) is looking for an exceptional research assistant interested in the developmental cognitive neuroscience of multilingualism. This NIH-funded research is in collaboration with Cammie McBride PhD of Chinese Univ of Hong Kong, Ken Pugh PhD of Haskins/Yale/UConn, Linda Siegel of UBC, Manolo Carreiras PhD of BCBL, Ioulia Kovelman PhD of U Michigan, and Yuuko Uchikoshi EdD of UC Davis. The position is suited for a self-motivated, organized and independent thinker, with good interpersonal and multitasking skills, as well as proficiency in the English language and computer software. Neuroimaging, computational, statistical, programming, and neuropsych testing skills are highly desired but not necessary. Native-like proficiency in Spanish or Cantonese is a plus. A major strength of our lab is that there are plenty of opportunities to conduct independent research, to be first author on publications and to give conference presentations as a novice RA (e.g. Myers et al. Psychol Sci ’14, Myers et al. SCAN ’16, Haft et al. Curr Opin Behav Sci ’16).

The position begins in January but start date can be sooner and is negotiable.
Please email with a cover letter and your CV.

Please add “[RA job]” and your full name in the Subject of the email. Qualified candidates will be asked to have 2-3 letters of reference forwarded.