Rerunning and the script


I have an automated system that is running and the script for each of my subjects. I am running into an issue where each subject already has the id.results directory generated by the script, but the processing has not been completed. I am unable to rerun the subjects be the script checks for this id.results directory and terminates if it exists. Is there a flag I can pass on with either the or that will overwrite/replace that directory Either so I can run the script again from scratch or have it continue where it left off. Otherwise I’ll need to write a script that cleans up all the incomplete subjects.


Hi Josh,

The original intention was to be able to re-run or
continue the proc script, but it was never implemented,
as re-running a script is generally fast, and it keeps
the results clean. non-linear registration takes time,
but the registration results can be passed directly.

Anyway, it is necessary to clean up failed subjects.

  • rick