Render 3D image

Hello everyone!

Can anyone help me create a 3D image?

I did the analysis of Ginger Ale and I want to do the result not in views (Ax-Sag-Cor), but in 3D MNI or Talairach plate. That is, I want the results of an ALE meta-analysis (multiple contrasts, .nii format) overlaid on 1 3D brain model.

Thanks in advance!


I'm not sure about what GingerAle outputs. What do you have as a starting point---it is just a list of coordinate locations, for example?



Yes, that's right, I have 2 sets of coordinates. I want ADD to be red and SUB to be green on the same template (so they don't mix). I can’t attach coordinates sets, however, the picture for ADD only I could get.

There are many ways to make similar visualizations with AFNI's volume rendering or SUMA's volume or surface rendering. Take a look at this recent post and a link to our webpage on how to use spheres with volume or surface rendering.

Thank you dglen! With your help, I made it!

Great! Let's see a sample.

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Sorry, I didn't see your message! I'll post a link to the article here when it's published)