Registration for next AFNI Bootcamp at NIH now open B-)B-)B-)

Registration for the next AFNI Bootcamp at NIH is now open.

The next AFNI Bootcamp at NIH (Bethesda, Maryland, USA) will be held March 25-29, 2019. Registration is now open, and information such as the registration form, a preliminary schedule (for both the main AFNI lectures and the AFNI+TORTOISE DTI Breakout day, which is on a Wednesday this year), campus map and practical information for attending are all conveniently located here:

There is no charge to attend the Bootcamp, but attendees must pay all of their own expenses if traveling, sleeping indoors, eating, etc.

Please read the above website carefully for information. If you register now and later decide not to attend, please have the courtesy to let us know.


Please register me for the Bootcamp.

Hi, Anand-

Thanks for the interest in the Bootcamp.

You can register by following the link in the above post where it says “Registration Open”.