Regarding stimulus timing files

I just have a very quick question regarding stimulus timing files. If for instance an experiment has 4 separate runs but on one of those runs (lets say run 2 for this example) there was no presence of a given condition (such as an error trial), should the stimulus file just be left blank for that second row? I know this is a very noobie question but thanks very much for help.


Such rows are specified using ‘*’, and preferably two (to indicate local timing), e.g.,

10.3 29.4 41.0 63.8

4.9 23.6
38.1 57.2 81.7 93.6

Does that seem reasonable?

  • rick

Yep, thanks so much. I did happen to see the two asterisks in the relevant help file but just wanted to check and make sure real quick. Thanks again!