Re: rPkgsInstall

Dear AFNI experts,
I am trying to install afni in ubuntu 16.10 and having some problems. after solving missing ‘libXp’ problem via the following post
",151673,151821#msg-151821", I noticed that ‘libmotif4’ is also replaced by other libraries. substituting it with ‘libxm4’ was helpful too. However after rebooting, when I wanted to set R variable in bash, I encountered an error:
rPkgsInstall -pkgs ALL => R: Command not found.
I can install R separately via apt-get install r-base but I wonder why it can’t find the command. Changing the directory to home/abin (where I can find rPkgsInstall.R script) doesn’t solve the problem.
Any ideas on how to finalize installation is greatly appreciated.
Best regards,

(I split this new question into a new thread.)

Hmm, so Gang’s AFNI function rPkgsInstall doesn’t install R-- for that, you need to use your package manage (-> Aptitude, on Ubuntu).

So, what is returned by:

$ which R


$ -check_all


The second command shouldn’t need to be run from with the ‘abin’ directory-- it should be in your path.

The Ubuntu 16.04 setup has a couple quirks from the earlier version builds-- but it sounds like you have already dealt with a couple. Are you following these install instructions here:
… with adding in a couple different steps? If so, have you followed Step 5 to get R?