question regarding the -censor and -concat option in 3dDeconvolve


I have a question regarding the usage of -censor and -concat options in 3dDeconvolve.
Let us say I have 3 runs of data that were concatenated after preprocessing, each with 100 TRs, I understand I can do "-concat '1D: 0 100 200'" to combine them.
My question is, how does this option interact with -the censor? Let us say for each run, I need to censor 10TRs because of high noise. Do I adjust the -concat option to account for the censored TRs: "-concat '1D:0, 90, 180, 270'"?


Hi Kai,

The -concat option applies to the input, so it has no adjustment for censoring. Just use the '1D: 0 100 200' format.

Consider running your data through for comparison. Even if you don't end up using it, it is nice for at least verification, error finding, suggested options, QC or additional processing steps.

I guess it would not demonstrate the -concat option, because it never uses it, keeping runs separate through input to 3dDeconvolve.

  • rick